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cabafx.com40I trade the EURGBP only and I love this pair, especialy on the asian session. In the asian session it’s very very simple to scalp the eurgbp, getting 5 to 15 pips per trade.
I open this thread to discuss a profitable scalping method for EURGBP on asian session and I am 100% sure we can do it.
I am trying to develop an EA for this, and I attached a very simple and profitable code. I am 100% sure we can improve this code together.
Just take a look at eurgbp on asian session and see how easy to trade it is.
The EA attached show an amazing backtest from 1999 to 2006. I don’t know why 2007 is not good. I traded that way since june 2007 with no problems.
Let’s forward test, improve this simple strategy and make a very profitable EA. Or maybe develop a new strategy.
The time frame is M5.

Another very profitable strategy is trading the EURGBP on asian session on the highest or lowest price of the previous day. The asian market is very bored for this particular pair and its very rare to see a of a strong support or resistance broke.



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