Euro-Blaster 7 – Download Euro-Blaster 7 Expert Advisor EA

cabafx.com38A martingale based expert advisor typically places many small trades for small profits; when it makes a bad trade it will simply place another order that ‘doubles up’ the bet and keeps going. This strategy looks great on paper until it crashes your account! Learn more about this here.

EURO-BLASTER does not use a martingale based logic!

What Euro-Blaster does do, is give you the maximum odds of placing consistently winning trades day in and day out.

EURO-BLASTER takes technical trading to a whole new level! Through over two years of experimentation and analysis, we have found the combination of indicators that unlocks maximum predictive power.

Using a combination of indicators that are native to the Metatrader© platform, you simply load it and let it run. Sixteen separate indicators are monitored 24/7 looking for the right moment to place a trade. Unlike some systems that only trade during a few hours of the day; Euro-Blaster can trade any time of the day or night.


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