Expert Advisor : Fx-TroubleShooter v3.0

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FX TroubleShooter 3.0
Magic = 1234567;/// Magic Number — change for every pair traded
Trading = true;///// If true EA trades/if disabled for use only as indicator signal
BrokerDigit = 5;/////////Decimal Broker Digit///4 or 5 Digit Price Feed//////Alpari =5

Default settings :

Trade/Order Setting

Lots = 0.01;////////////Lotsize
MManagement = false/////////////Money management-Lots dependent on size accountbalance
Risk = 5////////////////Risk percentage
lStopLoss = 22;//////////////Long Stoploss pips
sStopLoss = 22;//////////////Short Stoplos pips
lTakeProfit = 5;//////////////TakeProfitpips for long trades
sTakeProfit = 6;//////////////TakeProfitpips for short trades
MaxAllowedDev = 4;///////////////Trading allowed Only above this value
MaxDevLimit = 25;//////////////Trading allowed only below this value
IntervalTime = 8;///////////////Interval at which the EA measures the pricefeed
OrderDistance = 900;/////////////Minimum Distance in seconds between orders
Slippage = 5;///////////////Maximum allowed slippage pips
MaxAllowedSpread = 12;//////////////Maximum allowed spread for trading

Trailing Parameters

UseTrailing = false;////use Trailing stop
lTrailingStop = 15;///////Long Trailing stop pips
sTrailingStop = 15;///////Short Trailing stop pips

RSI Setting

RSIperiod = 7;//////Default RSI period
RSIoverbought = 65;////EA Trades only above this level
RSIoversold = 35;////EA Trades only below this level

Active Time

UseHourTrade = true; ///////used for hourly trading
FromHourTrade = 7;
ToHourTrade = 20;

Alert Setting
seSound = true;//////////use soundfile when detect spike/trade
NameFileSound = “alert.wav”///media soundfile place order
Show_Settings = true;//////////Show settings on Chart

Colour Settings

clOpenBuy = Yellow;///Color on chart of OpenBuy
clCloseBuy = Aqua;////Color on chart of CloseBuy
clOpenSell = Red;/////Color on chart of OpenSell
clCloseSell = Violet;//Color on chart of CloseSell




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