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2014-04-19_163652Forex Steam Light trades the EURUSD, attempting to catch small chunks of trending moves after a retracement. If a trade goes against you, it will adjust the Take Profit to accept a partial loss on the trade in hopes of avoiding the full stop loss.

Update Posted August 13, 2013: The Forex Steam vendor is disputing the results posted on our website, saying that we have missed numerous updates, leading to stop losses being hit that would have been avoided. The problem is that they do not send notifications when updates are released: users need to check their website daily to find them.

While we don’t think it is possible to match the results they publish on their website, we certainly want to try our best. We have stopped the current performance tests and started a new one with Version 7.0 and we will make every effort to check daily for new versions. We are also going to use FinFx (their recommended broker) for the demo account.



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