Forex Trend Wave

cabafx.com111time to trade:
(A) UK Session 3:00AM Eastern Standard Time to 8:00AM
Eastern Standard Time.
(B) US Session 8:00AM Eastern Standard Time to 12:00PM
Eastern Standard Time.

Since we have the Forex Trend Wave Market Times Indicator it is real easy to decipher when to trade and when NOT to trade.
The first dark Green Box that starts to paint is the UK session and it will paint in the box from the start to the finish and from the high to the low for that particular days trading session.
The US session will be the next light green box that will be painted from the start of the US session to basically the end of the US session.
And it too will paint the box from the start and end, and the high and low made in that particular session.

ForexTrendWave Market Times.ex4
Forex Trend Wave manual.pdf ( User’s guide )

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