Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled: Volume 2

Forex2In the conclusion to volume two, Mikula states:

“As many of you who have read Volume 1 know, I am very proud of having discovered W D Gann’s astrological secrets independently…….W D Gann did not take his secrets to the grave. He concealed them in all his books and courses. I can say with confidence that W D Gann concealed every important trading secret he had in his writings. When we consider the entire body of original Gann material which is publicly available, I would estimate the Volume 1 and 2 contain approximately 40 to 50% of the astrological material which I have discovered.”

So, overall, what are we to conclude about Patrick Mikula’s “Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled”, volumes one and two? I would suggest the following:

(1) W D Gann himself recommended to his students on numerous occasions (particularly towards the end of his life) that they should examine how astrological influences impact the stock and commodity markets.

(2) Therefore Patrick Mikula has certainly been doing exactly as Gann recommended, and Mikula has published his findings in these two volumes.

(3) The quality of Mikula’s research, including the effort he has made in carefully reading Gann’s original writings, is excellent. This very high quality research clearly shows that Mikula has a profound interest in Gann. Indeed, I would certainly agree that Mikula is a leading authority (if not the leading authority) on Gann and his astrological methods of forecasting the stock and commodity markets.

(4) On the other hand, Mikula’s statements in the conclusions of both volumes are somewhat unclear. More specifically, it is unclear what Mikula means by his statement “There are no more Gann secrets”. Does Mikula think he has discovered all of Gann’s astrological techniques of forecasting the stock and commodity markets, or does he mean that he has disclosed all that he has discovered?

(5) Anyway, it should be apparent to a very knowledgeable Gann enthusiast like Mikula that he clearly has not discovered all of Gann’s astrological methods of forecasting the stock and commodity markets. This is because Mikula is clearly incapable of producing accurate annual forecasts of the stock and commodity markets one year in advance (which was Gann’s superlative skill).

(6) Instead, Mikula has clearly made some good progress in discovering Gann’s actual method of forecasting the stock and commodity markets, but he certainly has not successfully completed this task. What Mikula has done is to apply conventional astrological methods to a wide range of stock and commodity markets and he has made some interesting initial discoveries (as published in these two volumes). However, all the evidence suggests that Gann went a step further and was able to identify which previously-undiscovered astrological methods (when combined with conventional astrology) are necessary and sufficient to produce accurate forecasts of the financial markets.

(7) In short, all the evidence suggests that approximately 100 years ago Gann completed very similar research to that completed by Mikula, but Gann extended this research to a more advanced level.

(8) In each of these two volumes Mikula has provided a basic introduction to astrology, which beginners will no doubt find very helpful. Unfortunately, when Mikula examined how astrological influences impact the stock and commodity markets, he apparently only applied this basic level of astrological analysis. Consequently the results of his research, whilst very interesting, fall well short of Gann’s. In addition, and as stated above, Mikula seems to have come to the conclusion that he has discovered all there is to discover about Gann’s astrological methods and, as a consequence, Mikula has apparently not carried out any further substantial research since he published volume two in 1996.

(9) Indeed, from an examination of Patrick Mikula’s website ( ), it appears that at present Mikula merely sells a series of astrological indicators that he identified in his “Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled”, volumes one and two. In addition Mikula apparently provides an advisory service which advises when a change in trend in a particular market is possible, based on (for example) days when there are a large number of planetary aspects. This is of course all very commendable, but it clearly falls well short of Gann’s forecasting and trading capabilities.

(10) In conclusion therefore if we wish to emulate W D Gann’s superlative forecasting and trading ability we should follow his recommendation to examine how astrological influences impact the stock and commodity markets. Patrick Mikula, in his “Gann’s Scientific Methods Unveiled” volumes one and two, has completed some very interesting and high quality preliminary research into this. Unfortunately however Mr Mikula has not pursued and further developed this initial research. Consequently if we wish to emulate Gann and to achieve his very high level of forecasting and trading, it is first necessary to successfully complete a very high level of research into how astrological influences impact the stock and commodity markets.




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