John Carter – My 5-Minute Method For Trading The Mini-Dow For A Living

Forex2 - CopyThe training module is laid out as follows:

In Section One, I will talk about how futures work. If you have never traded futures before, I will remove the mystery so you can get your arms around them and understand how they operate. If you have traded futures before, I will explain why I like trading the mini-sized Dow better than the mini S&Ps and mini Nasdaq.

In Section Two, I will take you through all of the technical tools I use, including how I calculate my different pivot levels, and the key levels that I look at each trading day. After you get through this section, you will get to see a chart that looks exactly like mine.

In Section Three, I will cover the trading rules: where to place your entries, stops and targets, and when to use midpoint levels in your calculations, and so forth. In addition, I will take you through a brief psychological trading checklist that I review at the start of each trading day. This gets me into the right mindset for profitable trading.

Finally, in Section Four, we have put together a group of actual reenactments from past trades I have taken, for you to view and study.

You will see how I apply my rules over the course of nearly two weeks. I make no attempt to try and pick trades that artifically cast me or my strategy in a positive light. What you will see is as close to reality as I can possibly make it.

I would suggest going through the first 3 sections twice before moving onto the simulations. The simulations are the real “meat” of this training module, where you will be able to view a few dozen actual trades I have executed using this system. You will want a solid grasp of the trading rules before diving in to see how they work in actual trading conditions.


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