John Wiley & Sons – 2002 – The Option Trader’s Guide To Probability, Volatility And Timing A Mar

 zdxsaf This bookis written for people who fall into one of two categories:
Those who are new to option trading and looing for a good place to start
Those who have traded options in the past and did not achieve the type of success they had hoped to
Option trading enjoyed explosive growth during the late 1990s and into the start of the new millennium, particularly among individuals. Traders whose bankrolls were fattened by the great bull market in stocks fueled part of this growth. Having enjoyed great success in the stock market, many people decided to try to increase their gains by accessing the leverage associated with options. Along the way computers got faster and more powerful, technology advanced rapidly, and markets traded with greater volume and volatility than ever before. Yet there is much about option trading that is no different than it ever was. Through all the years and all the growth and changes, critical el-ements remain that traders must understand and apply consistently if they hope to succeed in the long run. The purpose of this book is to illuminate these concepts and show how to apply them successfully in real-world trading.




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