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For the first time ever on video, professional trader Mark Cook has agreed to reveal the methods he used to win the 1992 U.S. Trading Championship with an incredible 536% return! During the last several years, these strategies have been shared only with a small group of traders in the high-priced seminars Mark holds at his farm. Some of these trader’s stories have eclipsed even Mark’s phenomenal success. Now it’s your turn! In this eye opening workshop Mark also explains how much time and effort it really takes to become a professional trader. In the process he presents you with some difficult questions such as: Are you willing to work hard enough? Can you afford to pay the “tuition costs?” How much money do you need to get started? And how much money can you expect to make? After completing this workshop you’ll know how to develop a personal trading plan based on hard work and discipline. And you’ll know exactly what is required to launch a successful trading career of your own.


1. Beginning
2. I Guarantee It
3. How I Started Out
4. Options
5. Always Try and Pick Up Pennies
6. Tuition Costs
7. Worst Case Scenario
8. Call and Put Options
9. Options Strategies
10. The Ostrich Syndrome
11. An Eroding Asset
12. An Investment Position
13. How the Pro’s Trade
14. Black Monday
15. A Peeking Order
16. Lose Less Money
17. The Game Plan
18. The Fish Test
19. Ten Trading Rules
20. Trade School
21. Testimonials
22. Final Word

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