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Do you need help keeping track of your trading results? Do you like looking at awesome graphics showing your month-on-month stats? Are you the type who believes that this will help you improve as a forex trader?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above questions, then we’ve got good news for you!

Because the FX-men are always looking to help ya learn, we’ve come up with a tool specifically designed to help all of you currency traders who want to use the MT4 platform.

Introducing,! is the easiest way for forex traders to publicly share their MetaTrader4 account trading results!

By signing up with, all your trades will automatically be pulled from your MT4 platform. And you can easily share your personalized URL with your trading buddies so they can see your results!

But wait, there’s more! Your data will also be neatly organized to show you statistics such as win percentage, which pairs you like trading the most, what time of the day you most like trading, etc.

But why stop there?

We’ve also designed so that it is completely compatible with, the world’s coolest forex trading journal for traders. Once you log in to your account, you can sync it with your

After a few minutes, your trading basket will be filled with all your past and present trades. From there, you can pick and choose trades to share and write down your thoughts on them as well.

Pretty sweet, eh?

The best part is that it’s all FREE! You don’t have to shell out a single cent! We told ya we got yo’ back, homie!

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