Neall Concord-Cushing – Key to the Secrets a Traders Primer

Forex00268Key to the Secrets – A Traders Primer

The latest in the Secrets Books; written to bring together in one book a compilation of the other 4 and show how they all fit together. These books are pieces of a puzzle. Most of us have failed to recognize how to put these basic building blocks of nature into a workable system to give us what we want.

The universe is very abundant and willing to provide anything we desire; money, success, happiness, you name it and it is yours, when you align with the natural laws that govern life. You want to be a great trader …easy… when you understand the “path” to getting it. Without knowing how the pieces of a puzzle fit together, we spend all our time just shuffling them around and never “fitting into our life” what we really want.

We stay in a “trying to get it” mode and never get the pleasure of realizing our wants. We’re frustrated in a never ending search for a “way” and are left with that empty feeling of failure.

It’s easy and simple; it’s natural to everything and everybody to be able to get what one wants. These books address the way to become a successful trader – using forecasting, trading and the Law of Vibration. This last book shows the Key to making it all happen.

If you have read some or all of the Secrets Books then the Key to the Secrets – A Traders Primer will be a reminder and guide to put it all together. It will steer you back to the path you need to be on to make it happen. It will happen when you are on course; it won’t if you are not.

If you haven’t read the other books, this is a first step in seeing if you want to go down this path. If you really want to change and bring into your experience those things that are in your mind as a desire but haven’t shown up in real life. You can “want” money and success but to really get it in the real world is what we’re after. This is a proven path that will get it. It is a guaranteed natural path that works for all. The question is; will “I” do it.

Here is a brief synopsis for each chapter:

Chapter 1    Keys to the Secrets

An overview of the key elements of the book and of our individualized markers that open an access to our intentions and desires. Unless we realize how to do it, we are left like a deer blinded in the headlights of the oncoming car, not knowing what to do about the bright light coming at us. The bright light is our life coming right at us. Do I want to make it enjoyable or a car wreck?

Chapter 2    Keys to the Law of Vibration

If you have read Secrets of the Law of Vibration, this chapter ties together the underlying key to implementing its teachings. If you haven’t read L of V, this chapter will be an excellent introduction to it and definitive guide to using it.

Chapter 3    Keys to Trading

This chapter adds to the Secrets of Trading and Making Money book with additional insights and keys to understanding the methods. There are newly expanded versions of the trading/winning systems found in the book.

Chapter 4    Keys of Forecasting

An analysis and expansion of the forecasting methods found in the Secrets of Forecasting Using Wave59 Tools books 1 and 2.

Chapter 5    Money Management Keys

An innovative look at money management; with real examples using the keys of Forecasting, Trading and Law of Vibration. A straight forward and simple way to create the inflow of money

Chapter 6    Gravity Centers

An in depth demonstration, using charts and discussion, of how Gravity Centers are found and used in forecasting and trading the markets. How Clear Path Trend Lines (CPTL’s) are one of the most reliable and tradable methods to use in forecasting and trading; with extensive charts demonstrating their use.

Chapter 7    First Trade Harmonics

Following the beginning steps of a market, reveal its underlying matrix and vibrational signature. Extensive charts showing how to apply tools and patterns to this matrix and projecting into the future CIT’s, support/resistance and trend direction.

Chapter 8    Action vs. Alignment

A key part of the Law of Vibration explained and amplified in how it connects an individual’s purpose with action. There is a natural order and process that once incorporated becomes the simple and effortless way of accomplishing what we want.

Chapter 9    Secrets of the Key Note

Gann makes reference to a ‘Key Note” in several of his writings. This chapter explains what a Key Note is and how it fits into the trading experience. An explanation of the three major key notes and how the third is the key to a trader’s success

Chapter 10    Magic and Miracles – The Secret Key

This is one of my favorite chapters, a delightful journey into the realm of possibility. It is the entrance to the Horn of Plenty and a Cornucopia of fulfilled desires and personal dreams. A down to earth, realistic approach to creating your dreams and having them come true.

Appendix A    Aligning Internal Vibrations

A hands-on exercise to develop a creative platform to realize what you want. Removing the old dead wood that is in the way to having the trading experience you really want. It is a restructuring of the key elements we use to bring us what we want, to streamline and simplify our internal trading system.

Appendix B    Charts and Figures

An accumulation of charts and diagrams explaining many of the concepts covered in the books. Cycles, triggers, squares and squaring a chart. A definitive clarification of how to make the “changes” you must make to realize the new experience or thing you desire.


This book is a guide to those who haven’t read the other Secrets books, and a kick in the butt to those who have and are still waiting to “change”. It’s not a question of whether it works or not, It Does! It is a question of whether “you” will do it or not. The book is another way to see if you will start on this natural, simple and effortless path of getting what you want. You are looking at these words on the screen right now because you want more; you want something and are looking to see if this book is maybe the way to get it. But, until you do something new you will not have anything new. Until you do something different you will not have anything different. Until you say yes and take it, you will not have it. What do you really want? Take it.


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