Negotiation Analysis

H. Peyton Young has brought together the foremost experts from a variety of disciplin748822-negotiation-analysis-repostes that have a bearing on negotiation analysis. Using techniques and examples drawn from fields including game theory, decision theory, economics, and experimental psychology, the contributors to Negotiation Analysis emphasize careful, systematic thinking about the negotiation process and show how recent work in these areas lends insight into an activity that plays such a central role in modern business, diplomacy, politics, and the law. Each chapter in Negotiation Analysis focuses on a different aspect of negotiation, building a comprehensive exploration of the process in a wide variety of situations. The major topics are the design of incentives for communicating information, the uses of third parties, the role of fairness arguments in bargaining, the analysis of trade-offs, the effects of cognitive biases, the dangers of escalation, and the dynamics of coalition formation. The book has been carefully designed and edited to provide a challenging but accessible source of guidance and understanding for readers familiar with introductory theory who wish to deepen their knowledge and to grasp ideas that relate more closely to the real and complicated situations in which most negotiations are conducted.

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