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Forex00199The NEXUS book contains two quite different trading techniques that literally anyone can learn in a few hours and for those who already trade should be able to learn these techniques even quicker. The whole aim of this book is to show and explain as simply as possible to a trader or someone completely new to trading, where precisely to place a trade, with entry price, target price to take profit at and stop loss position in case a mistake is made. Both methods employ simple logic that literally anyone can understand. NEXUS is not a system to predict future market turns, nor does it have anything to do with the Market Matrix, although the techniques in the NEXUS book will help existing Matrix users to enter Matrix points with more clarity and confidence. The techniques in the NEXUS book are pure logical trading techniques that have high winning ratios because of the logic employed in the NEXUS method. The two methods in the NEXUS book are designed for trading on an end-of-day basis so have nothing to do with intra-day trading. Both methods employ the logic of simple market patterns that occur all the time in the markets that are very easy to spot. Once the user confirms one of the 8 pre-defined NEXUS patterns, they will then place one of the pre-defined trades according to the NEXUS method that will give a very high probability trade. Rather than show these two techniques being used on pre-selected historical charts where they have worked in the past, I wanted to prove beyond a doubt how easy and profitable these methods are in the real world. So I take you through using these methods over the last 6 months of the S&P starting from October 2008, step by step day by day through to the last day of data available at the time, with colour charts for each and every trade that was available in that period. All the entry and exit targets on the charts are in full colour in the book for you to look back at and go through yourself.Over the 6 month period from 1st October 2008 to mid April 2009 as shown in the book the first method produced 32 trades with 28 winning, the second method produced 23 trades with 21 winning. No method can be 100% perfect with all of your trades winning which is why both methods have pre-defined stops in place for every trade so any loss trade is closed with the minimum cost to your account. All trades are placed using end-of-day data, so you can place your trades with your broker at the and of the trading day with pre-defined entry, profit, and stop loss targets, then you can walk away and get on with enjoying your life while the trades take care of themselves. The book is A5 in size with just the bare hard facts of the methods explained, so it is easy to read and follow without any unnecessary waffle or padding. NEXUS is the easy way to trade without the worry and stress, or sitting on your bum wasting your life watching your computer screen all day.What is the Nexus Book * The Nexus book was created for anyone who wants a simple method of trading the markets that works, is not time consuming or complicate and makes you money with very little effort. The book contains two very simple but powerful trading techniques, each technique is fully explained and shown with specific rules and logic on multiple full colour charts.What markets can NEXUS be used on * Both Nexus trading techniques can be used on any market, although they are more effective on index’s and 24 hour markets like FOREX, this is because as they are 24 hour markets so they do not gap like Stocks can that in turn can cause jumped entry and exit targets. Stock traders will still benefit from NEXUS as part of the first of the two techniques will indicate when a turn in the market is due, so Stock traders can take advantage of the information and get into a trade at the beginning of a move.How long does a NEXUS trade last for * The NEXUS methods in the book were used and shown on real charts over 6.5 months from August 2008 to mid April 2009 that produced 55 trades in that period. Each trade that was entered took on average 1.6 days to complete.Over what time frame can NEXUS be used * All the trade examples in the NEXUS book are using END-OF-DAY daily bar charts as the main aim of the book was to show simple trading techniques that can be applied by anyone in a matter of minutes. That way you can place a trade and walk without wasting hours of your life in front of a computer screen.Is NEXUS anything to do with Matrix * NO.NEXUS is built on simple trading techniques that use simple logical patterns that have high probability outcomes and has nothing to do with predicting future market turns.Can NEXUS be used with the Matrix * NEXUS is a perfect companion for Matrix owners, as the first of the two NEXUS techniques will often get you into a trade well before you would have otherwise known a Matrix point had occurred and therefore helping any Matrix user to time a matrix point with greater clarity.What was the average win in points using NEXUS * Each technique as shown in the book on average completed with a 17 S&P main point profit being 170 points total. For example a move on the S&P from 950 to 967 is 17 main points being 170 points profit.Do I need special Software to make use of NEXUS * You do not need any special software to use NEXUS. Almost every software charting package will have the functions in and most brokers have these functions and charts for FREE. Any NEXUS calculation can be done in your head, if you can not do calculations in your head than they can be done on a calculator by anyone in seconds.



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