Raptor II Stock Trading System

Forex2Raptor II Stock Trading System by tradingmarkets inlcudes pdf, alf and eld files

This Stock Trading Strategy:

Has had nearly 77.43% profitable trades since 1995.

Has averaged 15.27% gains per winning trade, the highest gains per trade of any system that we have ever published.

Is the first and only vehicle for trading long call options that we have ever released (buying calls…no complicated spreads).

Has had an average compounded annual return of 94.12% for over 11 years (from 1/3/1995 through 12/31/2006).

Has been profitable in nearly 88% of all months during this time period …


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http://dl.cabafx.com/trading-ebooks-collection/newpdf/Raptor II Stock Trading System.rar


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