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22 years ago I invented my proprietary Diamonetrics™ technical analysis system which I used solely for my own personal trading. It blew away even the most experienced options traders. I’m talking about professional options market makers working on the exchange floors had never even seen anything like it! That’s how unique and advanced the Diamonetrics™ system is.

5 years ago I first revealed Diamonetrics™ charts using Excel. Experienced options traders asked me when it was going to be available to them. Since then, it’s been one of my most popular and successful products.

Until now…

Introducing Diamonetrics™ Java

Close your eyes and imagine being able to drag a transparent Diamonetric Grid™ on any chart from any source (web site, trading platform, blog, etc.). Open your eyes… Diamonetrics™ Java is here. With Diamonetrics™ Java you won’t believe how fast and easy you can now:

Stretch, scrunch, and swivel Diamonetrics™ Java grids by simply clicking and dragging.
Use the New Transparent Grids for scrolling thru many charts much quicker.
Select correlating and divergent candidates.
Saving all relevant slopes and coordinates for future application.

Diamonetrics is the RiskDoctor’s proprietary technical analysis tool. It was developed to determine profit opportunities based on forecasting probable trading ranges, at particular expiration dates.

Diamonetrics is used most appropriately for speculating with limited risk….high probability, short premium (time on your side) plays (butterflies, condors, calendar spreads, iron calendars, brokenwings, etc.), and hedges for stocks, equity indexes, financial futures, currencies, commodities and other underlying securities.

Capture the essence of the market trends, fake-outs and break-outs.

Diamonetrics™ Java comes with new technical analysis video and audio recordings (Watch Diamonetrics Technical Analysis Video Introduction 1* and Diamonetrics Java Introduction 2 and Diamonetrics Java Introduction 3), the NEW Diamonetrics.pdf manual and the Diamonetric Grid Overlay software application (with built in screenshot generator). It will get you going right away if you already understand the options strategies mentioned above.

No matter what you like to trade, Diamonetrics™ Java is a must for anybody looking for a unique way to speculate with limited risk.



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