Rob Roy – Monster Market Movers webinar video with pdf manual

Forex2Would you trade the market differently if you could see into the future? Of course you would! While that’s not possible, there are ways spotting signs and clues that have the potential to be very helpful.

BetterTrades trading education coach Robert Roy can’t teach you how to predict the future, but he can teach you how to analyze pending events, such as news, earnings, or stock splits, that have the potential to affect the current market. You’ll be able to use that knowledge in your trade analysis and make better trading decisions. It really is the next best thing to knowing the future, and you can learn how it’s possible to profit from it.

In this two-hour course video, Robert Roy will teach you how to maintain a calendar of upcoming events, how to begin and update a watch list, how to evaluate news events, and how to position yourself to possibly benefit from news-driven market reactions.

Buy now for this powerful monthly class and learn how to put those market clues to work for you.

This Webinar video and the pdf manual is a download course.


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