Ryan Litchfield – Checklist Trading

Forex2Stop trading by the seat of your pants! Learn the possibilities of enhancing your stock market success by developing a methodical, thought-out trading process that comes from using a checklist approach.

In this two-hour online class, BetterTrades trading education coach Ryan Litchfield will teach you how to apply a checklist approach to your trading. He’ll teach you how to build a dossier of information that can be accessed when evaluating a position so you’ll know when it may be time to take action.

Ryan will teach you how to compile a file on trading opportunities and look at amplifiers that may enhance the chances of making a good trade — how many days it runs up and down, how many points there are in the trading range, and how it behaves around its quarterly earnings announcement. And that’s just the beginning! Ryan has many more variables that may be considered and added to the evaluation process.

Once you learn to build a checklist, you’ll be better able to understand when it’s time to enter a trade or stay out of one!



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