Ryan Litchfield – Fun Filled Gaps

Forex2Not all gaps trade the same. Knowing how to handle a gap can make you money. Not knowing what a gap means for a specific stock can cause you to stumble in your trading success.

A gap on a stock‚chart occurs when the price goes up or down very sharply, with no trading in between. Gaps happen all the time, and learning how to trade them can be very profitable. Veteran BetterTrades coach Ryan Litchfield can help demystify and remove the guesswork from gaps.

In this two-hour online class, you’ll learn about:

Opening gaps, closing gaps, and the profitable opportunities each presents.

How to recognize the various types of gaps you’ll encounter.

A guide to trading the different types of gaps. (Some examples are body gaps, clean gaps, and true gaps.)

How to deal with gaps that take you by surprise.

Gaps may be a powerful sign, signaling trends, momentum, and points of support and resistance (just to name a few). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fill in the gaps in your knowledge! When you know gaps inside and out, you’ll have the potential to trade with more confidence.


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