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Forex00190There are many things you do know or don’t‚ understand about the seemingly mysterious world of options. Here‚ a chance to fill in the blanks and clear away the uncertainty.

In this two-hour online class, BetterTrades trading education coach Ryan Litchfield will help you solidify your knowledge of the options market. Ryan will teach you the history of options and help you understand the players in the field and their various roles in the process, from specialists and market makers to brokers, order takers, exchanges and electronic filing systems.

Ryan will teach you how to demystify intrinsic value and fair theoretical value and understand who does it and why it’s done. You’ll learn what makes an option’s prices so erratic. Ryan will teach you the meaning of fluff and where it comes from. He’ll help you discover how human nature affects an option‚price and explain how puts may be preferable to calls.

Ryan’s goal for this class is to make the options market more understandable. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and will be able to concentrate on what’s most important making a profitable trade.


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