STE Stock Trading System

Forex00483The STE trading system is systematic rule based system for swing traders. This system can be applied to your entire universe of stocks to find specific stocks which have a high probability of rising over the next few days.

This system is 100% systematic, providing a complete set of rules for stock selection, entry and exit points, and portfolio management. Nothing has been left to discretion or guesswork. Please note, this is not a black box system, every detail of the system is declared and fully explained.

A complete rule based system eliminating the need for discretion or guesswork.

Has been profitable in bullish, bearish and sideways markets.

Includes portfolio management rules.

Non-leveraged returns.

100% open source, no detail is withheld.

Has been consistently profitable with simulated trading since 1995.

Trades long positions only, so no uptick rule requirement and no hard to borrow stocks.

Requires end of day analysis only, eliminating the need to monitor the system intraday.

Uses simple, robust, commonsense trading rules.






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