Stock Market Data Stocks Futures and Forex

chart_apiPlease be advised that this is not an e-learning material. Basically this is just a huge bunch of TXT files with nothing more than numbers. If you are not a trader or you are not interested in backtesting then this is completely useless. On the other hand if you are interested in backtesting trading systems then this may help you as it can be easily imported to programs as Amibroker, MetaStock and the similar.”

FOREX — 16 pairs (some of them going back to 1971 until 13 April 2012)
FUTURES — 59 futures (some of them from 1959 until 13 April 2012)
INDICES — 14 indices (some of them from 1920 until 13 April 2012)
STOCKS — 7,220 stocks (from their respective inception date until 10 Jan 2012)



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