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SPECTRE Level IV Advanced Real-Time Predictive Logic Trading Environment
Defining a New Level in Trading and Asset-Price Discovery…

With the many changes in the market place, the current trading environment has become
more challenging than ever. Online Brokers, as well as old-style Retail Brokers, have had a harder
time than ever proving their value to investors and traders. Most trading platforms available show
little more than standard charts and indicators, and provide crude depth-of-book and order
execution interfaces. SL4 (located at is the next generation trading
platform created by traders to fulfill the huge gap in the trading/decision support marketplace. It
provides everything from advanced order execution to advanced predictive logic in order to guide
traders moment-by-moment to the best trading opportunities. Instinet recently acquired ProTrader,
Ameritrade acquired TradeCast, Goldman Sachs acquired SLK/RediPlus and The Hull Group, and
Schwab acquired CyberTrader. SL4 offers a multitude of proprietary features that none of the
aforementioned platforms can come close to matching. The cutting-edge SL4 trading platform
provides a distinct strategic advantage to any Trader, Market-Maker, or Broker utilizing the SL4
technology. The following is a summary of some of SL4’s primary features. 

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