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DVD #1

In this first DVD, I start off by letting you know what’s in store for you. This video is specifically designed for anyone who has not traded before, or if you need a little brushing up.

There will be a large group of buyers who haven’t traded before, and if this is you, this DVD will get you on the fast-track to learning all about Forex, what makes it tick and why it’s an excellent choice to trade.

If you haven’t been trading for a while, but could use a quick brushing up on the Forex basics, you can get a great jumpstart with DVD number


DVD #2

This is where things start to get exciting, in DVD number 2, I will walk you through the basic parts of the system. There are a few indicators we use, and I explain what they are and exactly how they work. This is essential for a good understanding of the system.

In DVD number 2, I will also explain the 3 basic trade setups we are looking for. I break them down into very easy to understand, bite-sized chunks. I teach you exactly what you need to know at just the appropriate time you need to know it.

DVD #3

Things really start to get exciting in DVD number 3. Here, I elaborate on the foundation we laid in the previous DVD. I go into specific details using each of the indicators. I really drill down and get to the heart of each of the tools we will be focusing on in the system.

In DVD number 3, you will really start to see the power of the Forex Master Method. You will start to understand why the pros are using this method and you will start to see how you can really benefit from it too.

DVD #4

Finally, we get to put the whole package together. We get a close look at the system as a whole. Now that you understand the trade setups and what it is we are looking for, we will start to analyze the entry methods using the specific indicators.

The first step in a good trading system is finding a trade setup (covered in DVD 3), and the second step is identifying the killer entry. This DVD digs deep into the entry signals we are waiting for and I show you exactly how to get the best entry possible.

DVD #5

This DVD covers a couple of critical elements to the system. An awesome entry is important, but having an equally awesome exit is just as important. In this DVD, I cover the different exit methods and which is the proper one at the time of the trade.

Just as important as the exits is the way to actually manage the trade. Blindly allowing the trade to hit either your stop or your target isn’t good enough. You will learn how to reduce and then eliminate the risk on each trade, and how to then actually lock in those profits.

A tricky or non-existent aspect of most other systems is trade management, and we get into trade management in great detail. You can literally cheat the markets doing what I show you in this video.

DVD #6

In this DVD, we delve into the more advanced aspects of trading the system. I teach you how to break down the currency pairs you are looking at, even what pairs to look at and what pairs to avoid. How much to trade and even a fast way to simplify the system is covered.

Every system has the occasional loss but for many traders, these few losses can really put you in a tail spin. I teach you how to look at your trading in such a way that the occasional losses you will encounter won’t throw you off your game, or distract you from the bigger picture. You will actually be looking for them as part of a scheduled appearance.
DVD #7

This DVD contains over 7 hours of live webinars. These webinars cover all the basics of the system, and then cover the setups, entries, managing the trade and finally the exits.

If you miss anything from the previous DVDs, or simply need another point of view, these webinars will definitely provide that for you. In these webinars, I answer questions that other traders have had about the system, these are questions that you might have as well.

I even called an emergency webinar where I covered a very cool 1-2-3 way to look at trading this system. This will really simplify the process for you and make things very clear.


Bonus DVD

Included in this DVD are a couple of very cool proprietary indicators that will help you identify the trade setups. I had these made, so you can’t find them anywhere else. The first one is the “Trade Locator” indicator and the second is the “Currency Power Meter”.

There are also 6 different “cheat sheets” included on this DVD. You will get physical copies of these cheat sheets in the package you receive, but you can print out as many as you want, or need, from this DVD.

There are 2 more “webinars on this DVD” and these are very special. Here, you can see some of the first people to use the system with live trades. You can see for yourself just how simple it is to succeed with this system. You will also hear as they ask me questions on whether they have made the correct trades, along with a critique of their trades. This is a great learning video. Having this additional perspective is really helpful, but by this time, you will be a pro!


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