Taming The Lion

Forex00169Highly successful trader, investor and former hedge fund manager, Richard Farleigh, reveals the 100 secret investment strategies that he developed to succeed in the markets.
As Farleigh’s trading results started to attract international attention, he was frequently asked to give presentations of his ideas to other professional traders. From the feedback during these sessions he realised that others were interested in an approach to investing which was based on first principles. Finding that anecdotes were the best way to make a point, and that ideas could be summarised into numbered strategies, allowed him to show clearly how the methodology worked.

Years later, Farleigh is still using the same approach, and has found that amateurs as well as professionals, are keen to find out how markets work and how to improve their investment performance. This book contains those secrets.

Some of the beliefs that he incorporates into his strategies include:
• Markets tend to under-react, not overreact.
• Big, obvious ideas offer great opportunities.
• It is safe to invest with a consensus view.
• Contrarian trading is usually irrational.
• It is best to enter and exit the share market at the right times instead of always
staying invested.
• Price trends are well known but under-utilised.
• Chartists are just astrologers.
• Investment and trading are increasingly similar.

“Anyone who was able to retire at the age of 34, move to Monte Carlo and become a private investor must have made some smart investment decisions. Richard Farleigh did just that and he’s sharing his secrets in this book.” Money Magazine

“Taming the Lion is a book about profiting from big themes. From humble beginnings in Australia, Farleigh made a fortune following powerful trends, the most effective and least stressful route to investment success. He knows how to write too.” Telegraph

“Overall I feel there is so much information in this book, it is probably one I will keep re-reading as I make investment decisions. I especially like the way it has reminded me that there are other asset classes to invest in other than shares and property and yet the same strategies are applicable”. Investors Voice

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