Technical Analysis for Direct Access Trading: A Guide to Charts, Indicators, and Other Indispensable Market Analysis Tools

Forex00203Technical analysis – charts, oscillators, price and volume – is an important part of every direct access trader’s arsenal. Understanding the basics of technical analysis allows a trader to more effectively trade his or her strategy, thus increasing the probability of success. Whether a trader is active on a daily basis trading many times a day or a longer term position trader, many aspects of technical analysis can provide valuable insight into the future movements of a stock price. “Technical Analysis” introduces the reader to the basic charts, screens and analysis used by direct access traders to determine when to enter and exit trades. Technical analysis is not as difficult as it is sometimes made out to be. For the direct access trader, it is more important to be familiar with the basic analytic techniques as well as how technical and fundamental analysis can be combined. This book shows the reader how to combine technical and fundamental analysis as well as finding the right combination of the two that fit a trader’s particular trading strategy. “Technical Analysis” covers in detail the most frequently used and most important analytic systems, including: price, volume and volatility; support and resistance; relative strength and trends; and fundamental analysis. In addition the author discusses how to set up technical analysis tools and indicators on a trading screen for ease of use. The book also dedicates a chapter to deciding which charts to use, when and why. This is the sixth in a planned six-book series on making the transition from online trading to direct access trading.

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