The Trading Method That Can Make You Rich

Forex00186Excerpt from intro…The information in this book will improve upon the trader’s understanding and skills for profitable trading. The reader will learn how to: This book explains, in a comprehensive manner, a mechanical trading approach that I have found highly effective. It covers the application of trading any and all markets. In order to implement this mechanical strategy successfully, a considerable foundation and structured trading plan must first be put into place. – — Take advantage of buy and sell areas that elude most traders; Enter a trade before the occurrence of major market moves; Lower your entry risk; Identify highly profitable entry levels; Understand how the market works; Discover how the professional trader really thinks; Identify strong trends; Take Positions before major moves happen; Place stops for maximum profit and minimum risk; Use very effective trend following techniques; Recognize the fundamental action and reaction in the market; Determine your profit targets before market action; Create a money-making trading plan; Utilize the best oscillators available; Buy and sell entries unfamiliar to the majority of traders; Understand why most traders lose money; Combine Leading and Lagging indicators; Improve trading performance with a mechanical trading approach



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