Understanding Gaps – Scott Andrews

Forex00192Understanding Gaps is part of an ongoing series of publications of Traders Press Inc®. Each book in this series is intended to provide traders with an up-close look at a topic which has had little in depth coverage in other trading related literature…and to provide a source of additional information as well as a listing of other sources and articles from which the reader may learn more about the topic covered. The idea for this latest addition to our Understanding… series was born when I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Andrews at the New York Traders Expo in February 2008. It became readily apparent from our conversation there that he had spent a great deal of time and effort studying opening gaps, a topic about which I had seen little written and which I felt would of great interest and value to fellow traders. In my opinion, Scott, The Gap Guy , is one of the world s foremost experts on gaps and how they might be profitably traded. It is our hope that his research and comments on gaps will help you to advance your skills and knowledge as a trader, and will prove a valuable resource to your trading library. Edward Dobson



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