V1 Trading System

Forex00249V1 Trading System by tradingmarkets includes pdf, alf and eld files

Volatility is key when trying to make large gains in short term trades which is why I designed the V1 trading system.

Average return per trade: 6.28%

The V1 trading system is a rule based trading system for traders looking for a systematic way to swing trade volatile stocks. This system can be applied to your entire universe of stocks to find specific trades which have a high probability of rising over the next few days.

This system is 100% systematic, providing a complete set of rules for stock selection, entry and exit points, and portfolio management. Nothing has been left to discretion or guesswork. Please note, this is not a black box system, every detail of the system is declared and fully explained.


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http://dl.cabafx.com/trading-ebooks-collection/newpdf/V1 manual.pdf
http://dl.cabafx.com/trading-ebooks-collection/newpdf/V1 tradestation manual.pdf
http://dl.cabafx.com/trading-ebooks-collection/newpdf/V1 Trading System [ELD + AFL].rar











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