Verified Trader full system

cabafx.com157Manual System:
Heiken Ashi.x4
Moving Averages.x4
VerifiedTrader.pdf ( User’s manual )

VerifiedTrader Package:
37 indicator //  Slope Direction.ex4 — Line Spread_Detective.ex4 — TrendOSOBv1dot2.ex4
ProfitableTrend_Strength_V1.ex4 — Target.ex4 — ForexPerfect_Com.ex4 …….
FisherBible /// 4 indicators with BarsFisher.tpl

VerifiedTrader Expert:

VerifiedTraderGuide.pd ( User’s manual )
VT-BinaryCode.pdf ( User’s manual )

Videos Download Links.text
Five Links.
Videos is split into 5 .RAR files (@350mb)


Click  Here to Download

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