You Learn Forex – RSI PRO Forex Trading System

Forex00187RSI PRO Forex Trading System Packages:

1. RSI Fundamentals: Beginning to Advanced (ebook)

  • Describes the NEW RSI and RSI trading
  • Comprehensive; covers all facets
  • RSI Myths explained
  • Reversal signals explained
  • Three years of research
  • Second Edition (2010)
  • 196 pages, 110 color charts, 21 illustrations

2. The RSI Paint Indicator

  • Automatic alerts (screen, email, or text)
  • Any currency pair or timeframe
  • Multiple pairs
  • Proprietary design
  • All Reversal signals
  • Divergence signals (if desired)
  • Color-coded signals
  • Variable RSI Period
  • Vary number of periods and RSI levels
  • Mouseover for RRR, date stamp, price, and RSI levels
  • Filter by RRR
  • Transfers RSI signal line to price
  • 21 variable inputs
  • Metatrader 4 Platform Required

3. The RSI Scalping Strategy (ebook)

  • Trade shorter timeframes
  • More opportunities in shorter period of time
  • Based on the standard RSI Pro System
  • The RSI Paint Indicator Required

4. The RSI Trading Examples (Vol. 1) (ebook)

  • New RSI Trading Examples
  • Invaluable resource to RSI Trading System
  • 40 trades with explanations
  • 10 trading exercises
  • 64 pages, 60 color charts and illustrations

5. The RSI Pro: Core Principles (ebook)

  • The Basic Principles of NEW RSI
  • Core principles
  • 4 RSI trading signals explained
  • RSI range shift explained
  • Includes chapter on momentum
  • 34 pages, color illustrations

6. 26 Reasons for Failure in Forex and How to Correct Them (ebook)

This book is about the mistakes people make in Forex how to correct or avoid those failures.

  • Don’t fail when you can succeed
  • Be the best you can be
  • Good for beginners and advanced traders
  • Avoid the pitfalls of trading


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