Yuri Shramenko – Market Geometry Techniques

Forex00261Here you have three techniques with which we can make an analogy to education. Prior to market geometry is elementary school where a trader deploys the statistical methods of technical analysis (technical indicators), or uses advisors and newsletters, or ones “experience and gut feel” to trade the markets. Chart patterns with volume reading and methods such as Elliot Wave and certain Fibonacci Timing techniques can be considered High School level as you’re dealing directly with market structure, but also dealing with subjective interpretation of price waves.

● The Fib-Fan Projection technique given here is college level

but easy to apply and interpret. It will give you an edge over most swing-traders, especially for day-traders who trade for the larger swings of the day and short-term swing-traders. It is best used in trending markets or wide range markets that show simple wave sequences

● The GS Timer technique is like graduate school – you’ll begin

to call swings in markets and find dynamic support-resistance levels that most traders believe is impossible. It is meant to be used in markets that already have a trend underway

● The Pitchfork Angles technique is PH.D level. It can be used

on any type of market other then a flat market and any timeframe greater then 15 minutes. Its ideally used on two timeframes even when opposite trends are underway in those timeframes. If you work with it every trading day, reviewing the technique on two timeframes and several markets every day, its just a matter of a few weeks before you’ll be in the upper echelon of successful traders. Its a key for opening the door to master trader status

● The Fib Price Expansion technique, as shown in the last

example in its section, will give you valuable information as to where a trend will congest, facilitating profit-taking, often the weak link in the trading process





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