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th These are my best models and trend-change methods, they’ve been back-tested extensively. While its certainly possible to build a better forecast using one set of data, the point is these models have consistency on their side – year after year they tested favorably.

The “Incidentals” section contains information about what MT offers for the “old school” of Financial Astrologers. It is provided here as a courtesy. All of the other sections are related to creating state-of-the art forecasting models.

The section titled “Precise Timing” presents very accurate methods for finding turning-points in markets. They help you fine-tune your trade-entry times when using forecasts.

The we have four forecasting models that predict when markets will make profitable short-term swings. They can also be used to tell you when markets may congest and trade in a sideways volatile manner. The CE Phase, BB FAM, and NN models are primarily for large financial markets. If you trade agricultural futures or individual stocks, focus on the Intelligent Optimizer model. This model can (and should!) also be used on financial markets. What’s the difference between the first three and the Intelligent Optimizer? Large Financial markets require a focus on mass psychology, smaller volume markets require more, well, intelligent optimization.

The final page, “Best Practices”, gives a little insight into how I create models, but its main use is to provide a trading framework for these forecast models.







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