Yuri Shramenko – Trade Execution

Forex2The material presented here is specifically geared for swing-trading with forecasts. By swing-trading I’m referring to trades that usually last from 2 to 15 days, with the goal being to trade the smallest anticipated trends visible on a daily chart. By forecast I’m referring to one of two things: predicted days in the future when a market is expected to reverse, or a future prediction of how prices will trend over time. With either forecast the trader is trying to enter the trade as soon as reasonably possible, that being in the beginning of a market swing. While some swing-traders only trade anticipated short-term trends (i.e. swings) in the direction of the intermediate term trend, most swing traders do not. And this is one of the considerations we’ll cover here.

Examples of forecasts include:

Fibonacci Time Projections – several techniques where prior pivots are used to calculate future turning-points

Cycles – Fourier, spectral, manual fixed-length; these usually provide expected direction and amplitude of intermediate and long term trends, with future turning-points visually displayed

Seasonals – times of the calendar year that show averaged market swings over many years, to find time – price correlations based on the calendar year.

Financial Astrology techniques – too numerous to detail, for Market Trader users these would come from any of the Experts, the Stepper Analyzer, planetary aspects, and anything the Efficiency Tester validates as a high-probability timed trade




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