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    Your Broker Pays Us Rebate Per Every Trades That You Made And We Share Up To 90% Of Rebates With You




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    Refer more than 3 friends and
    earn 1% of your friends rebates

    Refer more than 7 friends and
    earn 2.5% of your friends rebates

    Refer more than 12 friends and
    earn 5% of your friends rebates

    Just refer your friends and we share up to 50% of our Income with you

    Regulated Brokers

    Our partners are reliable brokers with high-quality services. These brokers are registered at different regulation agencies, like FSA, CySEC and MiFID. The regulation is the guarantee of the safety of the funds and the quality of the services.

    Tighter Spreads

    Using CashBack you can cut off your trading costs and you trade with tighter spreads and lower commissions with the same conditions. We never add any markup on spread. Imposing markup widen spread resulting increase in your trading cost.

    Useful Sharing

    We share our archive to make your trading easier. You can download many e-books ,video courses, articles, softwares, indicators, EAs etc… , You can check the daily news, technical analysis and market forecasts to support your trade decisions.

    Video Course
    Ebooks & Articles
    Trading Tools
    News & Analysis
    CashBack Rebates

    Forex Rebate Calculator

    Monthly Cash Earnings: $0
    Yearly Cash Earnings: $0
    Yearly Pip Earnings: 0 Pips
    * Figures based on 21 day trading month

    About US

    After 8 year of experience in financial markets, especially forex market environment, Our professional team decided to create Cash Back Forex Rebate Website “ ” project for all traders on the world, Our main goal is to create the most beneficial and comfortable conditions for your work on the foreign exchange market, We will try have best services and support for you, Services like : timely cash rebate payments, extensive user control panel and rebate tracking system, industry leading rebate rates, selective broker relationships, fast and friendly customer support, and compelling affiliate referral system.

    Very Important Cashback Forex Rebates Policies

    Multiple Accounts: Clients may only register a single Cabafx web account (not to be confused with broker accounts, you may add as many broker accounts as you like). If multiple Cabafx web accounts for the same user are discovered, all accounts beyond the first will be disabled.
    Affiliate Referrers: Cabafx clients may not be referrers on their own account. Clients cannot change or modify their referrer.

    What is a Rebate ?

    When a forex trader buys or sells a certain trading pair, the broker charges fees that are usually expressed in terms of spread and/or trade commission. Forex Brokers share part of these fees to their Introducing Brokers ( IB ) who referred the trader. Some Introducing Brokers like us gives back part of their share as cash back to their referred forex traders. This cash back is called Cash Back Rebate.

    What is a Round Turn (or sometimes called Round Trip ) ?

    A Round Turn is one completed trade, a buy and sell, enter and exit, or the opening and closing of any position.

    How much do I need to pay you to start ?

    Nothing. Our service is FREE. You earn money from continuing trading as you are. No strings attached.

    As you will be aware though, brokers stipulate their own minimum account opening sizes, and just like as if you opened directly with them, you will still need to meet these requirements.

    How can I get Cash Back Rebates for my trades ?

    You only have few simple steps to start receiving your rebates:

    Step 1.) Sign up on our website for free.
    Step 2.) Go to the broker section and start choosing the broker you want to trade with. We intent to add some more on the list.
    Step 3.) Follow our sign-up instruction for your chosen forex broker.
    Step 4.) Start trading with your chosen forex broker(s).

    Would Trading With you Affect My Trading (Spreads, Commissions, etc.) ?

    Never! Your spreads will be EXACTLY the same as those offered on the broker’s website, and will be the same as those you would pay if you had opened the account on the broker’s website. The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive cash back!

    How can I be sure I won’t pay the broker more, or suffer a loss in service ?

    When we establish a relationship with a broker, they agree with us that they will not increase your spreads or costs because you have opened with us. They know if they did, you would simply sign up with one of their many competitors with whom we also have relationships.

    In fact, because of our strength we often are able to negotiate tighter rates with your chosen provider

    We repeat – You will receive exactly the same spreads, pricing, execution, and service from your provider that you are currently used to. The only difference is you get paid to trade!

    Do I get rebates for both winning and losing trades ?

    Yes , this is way Cash Back Forex Rebates is income earning 100% from your forex trading .

    I’m a profitable trader, Why do I need a rebate ?

    You deserve a rebate. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, are an active or infrequent trader, you are eligible for a rebate if you open through us. Consider this as an additional profit, or “cushion” in your trading. You will be surprised at how quickly your income will build. An active trader would on average receive an additional 5% of equity on account every month. That’s an extra 5% profit for no extra effort!

    How do I know if this is for real ?

    You may independently verify our status as an active introducing broker with the firms we partner with. Most firms we have worked with for years. We have offered Pip Rebate to our clients for years and you should have little difficulty finding a trader who has used our service and can offer you some personal experience as to how we do business.

    What payment methods do you offer ?

    Currently we offer:

    Payment Option Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Payment Fee PipRebate Fee
    Internal Transfer 10 USD 100,000 USD Depended on your Broker 0.0
    MoneyBookers 10 USD 500 USD MoneyBookers Fee: 0.50 EUR cents or 1% of the balance (whichever is smaller). 0.0
    PayPal 10 USD 15,000 USD PayPal Fee: 1.9% to 3.4% + €0.35 EUR per transaction 0.0
    WebMoney 10 USD 50,000 USD WebMoney Fee: 0.8%, Max: 50 USD 0.0

    Rebates will add monthly or weekly in my Cabafx account ?

    We add rebates weekly on most brokers and some brokers will add monthly. You can see more details on brokers pages on our site.

    Can you deposit directly into my trading account ?

    In some brokers Yes we can but in another some brokers we can not.

    Can I get Cash Rebate on a broker I already have an account with ?

    In most cases, yes. Please visit the individual broker pages for more details.

    1. You choose your broker and open your trading account from our website

    2. You trade as normal with your chosen broker

    3. Forex brokers make their money on the spread , when you open a trade you have to pay commission to them that we call Spread

    4. Your broker pays us rebate (from their commission) per every trade that you made

    5. We share up to 90% of rebate with you

    6. With Cabafx you can trade with same conditions and earn more money

    How It Works

    Have you ever thought that every time you make a transaction in the Forex market, and pay the spread or commission to the Forex broker, you can receive a cash rebate of up to 90% of these costs absolutely free? Now it has become possible with Cabafx Rebates  service! It is part of broker’s marketing policy to pay commission to their introducing brokers for referring new clients, this commission is called “Rebate” . When you open an account through Cabafx, by any trade you make we receive a commission from the broker. But we pay up to 90% of this commission back to you, So it is a Win , Win , Win deal between the broker, Cabafx and You ! Please note that you’ll never pay any fee or commission more than what you pay when you open your account directly with your broker. you receive Same Spread ! – Same Service ! – Same support ! but more CASH !

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