Who Are We ?

After 8 year of experience in financial markets, especially forex market environment, Our professional team decided to create Cash Back Forex Rebate Website “ Cabafx.com ” project for all traders on the world, Our main goal is to create the most beneficial and comfortable conditions for your work on the foreign exchange market, We will try have best services and support for you, Services like : timely cash rebate payments, extensive user control panel and rebate tracking system, industry leading rebate rates, selective broker relationships, fast and friendly customer support, and compelling affiliate referral system.

What are we ?
Cabafx is what is called in the Forex world an introduction broker, or IB for short. Forex rebates We connect between Forex traders and brokers, and are rewarded with a cut of the brokers earnings, generated by the trader. Where we differ from other IBs is in what happens next. Unlike other IBs, we turn around and share our profits with our customers, in the form of a monthly rebate. Why you ask? Good question. We do this because we believe that this will keep more customers coming in, while existing customers will be happy to refer friends and colleagues.We pay Forex Rebate to our customers up to 90% of spread or commission paid to brokers on each transaction, regardless of the result. We profit together with you and are interested in your success.

Why do we say we are the “Logical Choice for Traders”?
It’s a no brainer. You sign up for a free account with Cabafx , you activate your account with any broker you choose and start getting monthly cash rebates through the payment service of your choice. There are no hidden charges or obligations. We really can’t think of any good reason not to get started today!
If you are an existing customer, we thank you for choosing Cabafx as your premier rebate provider.
If you are thinking of signing up, we thank you for considering Cabafx and will be happy to answer any further queries you might have. You may contact us at any time through the Contact Us link in the top menu. We urge you to just sign up. What have you got to lose anyway?

What risk do You have?
Absolutely none. We guarantee you will not experience any change to your existing service through the broker you are using. The only difference to you situation is that you get paid more for trading the same way.

Some of our benefits?

  • Add rebates monthly in your Cabafx account.
  • Fast process your withdrawal requests.
  • Strong and friendly support.
  • We don’t get any fee for withdrawal requests.
  • Highest Cabafx Rates.
  • Professional referral program.