Terminology forex : Z

Zambia Kwacha The currency of Zambia. Currency code (ZMK)         Zero Coupon Bond A bond that pays no interest. The bond is initially offered at a discount to its redemption value.           Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Dollars The currency of Zimbabwe. Currency code (ZWD)             […]

Terminology forex : X AND Y

X:   Xenocurrency A currency that trades in markets outside of its domestic borders. “Xeno” is a prefix meaning strange or foreign.         Y:   Yemen Rials The currency of Yemen. Currency code (YER)   Yard Slang for one billion dollars. Bill Gates has a lot of these   Yugoslavia New Dinars […]

Terminology forex : W

Weak Shorts Refers to the group of investors who hold a short position and are quick to exit their positions at the first sign of strength in the underlying asset. This group of investors look to capture the gain on a move lower, but they are usually unwilling to take on as much as rick […]

Terminology forex : V

Value Date Settlement date of a spot or forward contract. Also known as maturity date.               Vanuatu Vatu The currency of Vanuatu. Currency code (VUV)               Venezuelan Bolivares The currency of Venezuela. Currency code (VEB)                 […]

Terminology forex : U

U.S. Department of the Treasury Formally established as an executive department by the 1789 Act of Congress, the Department of the Treasury serves as the treasury of the federal government and is the agency responsible for managing the money resources of the United States. Responsibilities: it primarily exists to promote economic prosperity and ensure the […]

Terminology forex : T

Two-way price Occurs when a buying and selling price is quoted for a transaction.             Tweezer Bottom Two or more candlesticks with matching bottom. They can be composed of real bodies or shadows. These occur on consecutive or nearby candles. Indicates a bearish trend is ending, and perhaps a reversal […]

Terminology forex : S

S&P Standard and Poor’s ( S&P ) is currently one of the Big Three players in the credit rating industry. In 1941 Standard Statistics ( publisher of sovereign debt and bonds ratings ) merged with Henry Varnum Poor, the publisher of “History of the Railroads and Canals of the United States,” which is one of […]

Terminology forex : R

Rally An increase of price after a period of decline.             Rate The price of one currency in terms of another currency.               Raw Materials Price Index ( RMPI ) Release Schedule : 8:30AM ( EST ) roughly 30 days after the reporting month […]

Terminology forex : Q

Quantitative Easing Definition Central banks’ method of increasing money supply by printing new money and purchasing government securities. The process works as follows: 1. The central bank creates a pre-determined amount of money and uses it to buy government bonds in the market. 2. Because this reduces the supply of government bonds, their prices go […]

Terminology forex : O

Offer The price a dealer is willing to sell a currency.             Offsetting transaction A transaction that cancels or eliminates all market risk in an open position.               Oman Rials The currency of Oman. Currency code (OMR)             One […]