Have you ever thought that every time you make a transaction in the Forex market, and pay the spread or commission to the Forex broker, you can receive a cash rebate of up to 90% of these costs absolutely free? Now it has become possible with Cash Back Forex Rebates service! All of our broker agreements are setup to be exactly the same as if you were signing up through the broker directly. It is our policy to never have the broker markup the spread to make more commission, it would defeat the purpose of our business. Spreads and commissions are ALWAYS the exact same, we guarantee it.
We provide an opportunity to get the cash rebates with the best brokers in the Forex market. Our partners – leading Forex brokers – pay us a fee (the return of the spread fraction or commission) to attract traders, which we, in turn share with our customers. We call this Cash Rebate .

1. You choose your broker and open your trading account from our website

2. You trade as normal with your chosen broker

3. Forex brokers make their money on the spread , when you open a trade you have to pay commission to them that we call Spread

4. Your broker pays us rebate (from their commission) per every trade that you made

5. We share up to 90% of rebate with you

6. With Cabafx you can trade with same conditions and earn more money